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CMS is New Zealand’s pioneer in carbon trading & advisory services focused on global carbon markets

Carbon Prices NZD

Spot 25.00 25.20 25.20
April 2019 25.50 25.70 25.60
April 2020 26.20 26.80 26.50
April 2021 27.00 27.80 27.40
April 2022 27.80 28.80 28.30
April 2023 28.70 30.00 29.35
ACCUs Spot  AUD 14.00 16.50 15.25

Carbon Advisory

CMS can assist companies in understanding how emerging New Zealand climate change policy will impact their business.

Project Development

We can assist New Zealand companies with projects in New Zealand to reduce emissions with developing projects.

Carbon Investments

CMS can make private equity investments in selected projects which benefit from an additional return from carbon credits.

Land Use Change

We have a long background in working in the forestry industry  in New Zealand to develop carbon offset projects.

Why go Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral businesses are critical in the fight against climate change. Induced by human activity, climate change has devastating consequences for our planet.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means reducing emissions and compensating for the remainder by purchasing carbon credits to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

3 steps towards Carbon Neutrality:

  1. Measure emissions using an approved greenhouse gas emissions methodology
  2. Manage emissions by investing in low carbon technologies
  3. Mitigate your carbon footprint by buying VER credits to offset emissions

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