Carbon Investments

Carbon Investments


CMS can make private equity investments in selected projects which benefit from an additional return from carbon credits. We assess the project risk and the project return taking into account the additional value which may be captured from carbon credit sales.

Carbon investments refers to investments in projects whose return may be enhanced by the reduction greenhouse gas emissions. The types of projects that we are interested in could be small-scale renewable energy projects (wind, geothermal, solar), energy-efficiency projects, fuel switching projects, or methane destruction projects from landfills. The projects could also include land-use change and forestry projects which have the potential to generate additional value from carbon credits.


Private Equity Investments

We can make direct investments in projects which may benefit from an enhanced return from carbon credits. In particular, this includes private equity investments in permanent forests which may qualify for carbon credits under the New Zealand Government’s Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative (PFSI). We can also assist with raising debt finance which may be partly secured on the revenues from carbon credit sales. Private equity investments can be for both projects which qualify for JI status and have ERUs for sale and voluntary market projects which generate VERs.

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Valuation Services

If you have an asset which you believe is worth more due to possible additional revenues from carbon credits (such as for example land that might qualify for carbon credits under the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative or a new renewable energy project) we can assist you with a valuation of this asset taking into account the possible additional value from the carbon credits.


Please contact us if you have a project idea that you wish to discuss.

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