Land Use Change & Forestry

Land Use Change & Forestry


The growth of forests is termed as forest sinks because the forest absorbs carbon dioxide. In New Zealand, forest owners who establish new permanent 'non-harvest' forest sinks will receive fully Kyoto compliant carbon credits (Assigned Amount Units (AAUs)/Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) from the New Zealand government. These forestry carbon credits will be able to be sold in the international carbon market and in the domestic New Zealand carbon market.

For land to be eligible under the PFSI it must follow the Kyoto Protocol rules regarding the land that would qualify, the definition of a forest, and the definitions of afforestation and reforestation activities. For more information on the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative click here.

CMS staff have a long background in working in the forestry industry in New Zealand. In addition, we are working closely with Independent Forestry Services to develop carbon offset projects in the forestry sector.

Carbon Market Solutions offers the following services in relation to land use change and forestry projects:


Forestry Scoping Study

CMS can provide landowners with an assessment of the amount of land that they have available which might qualify for both the PFSI and for voluntary markets for carbon credits from forestry. The scoping study will include a costing for establishing a project under PFSI, baseline setting, carbon credits calculation, and monitoring and reporting procedures. The report will provide landowners with a range of options that they have available for selling their carbon credits internationally, under the PFSI, and in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).

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Sale of Forestry Carbon Credits

CMS can assist forest owners with selling their carbon credits from forestry projects, in Kyoto markets, in voluntary markets such as the United States and Australia and in future in the domestic emissions trading market in New Zealand. We can help sell forestry carbon credits in both the voluntary market as Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) and in Kyoto markets as AAUs (AAUs), New Zealand Units (NZUs) and/or Removal Units (RMUs). This includes in the United States on the Chicago Climate Exchange, in other parts of the world, and in New Zealand.


Forestry Carbon Investments

CMS can invest in marginal land in New Zealand with a view to taking a return in AAUs and/or NZUs. CMS Forestry Carbon investments involve a complete partnership with the landowner in which we invest time and resource into maximizing the value from the forestry carbon assets. This includes assistance with forestry scoping study, developing the forestry carbon assets, and sale of forestry carbon credits to provide for a complete solution to landowners hoping to benefit from forestry carbon credits.


Please contact us if you have are a landowner interested in further discussions related to maximizing potential value of carbon credits from your land.

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