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CMS Highlights January 2015 to present

March 2016

Carbon Market Solutions completes its 20th Carbon Market Overview for a New Zealand client. CMS has provided an overview and market outlook for a New Zealand client interested to help them to better understand the future direction of both the New Zealand and international carbon market. For further information contact

November 2015

CMS Carbon Forestry Investment in Craigmore Sustainables partially sold, yielding a net profit to investors. Back in November 2011 , CMS invested in the $28 million dollar Craigmore Sustainables Forestry Carbon Fund. Approximately 40% of the CMS investment has now been monetized and funds returned to investors at a net profit. For more information please contact Info on or at 021 057 8085.

May 2015 - CMS makes a submission on New Zealands post 2020 target

Given the government call for submissions on the post 2020 target and the need to highlight that the government should access international carbon markets in the longer term, CMS has provided a submission to Government. The submission calls on the government to enable access to the international carbon markets beyond 2020, particularly when larger scale liabilities eventuate as forests are matured enough to harvest in the country. As there has been little new and additional forest plantations established, there will in the longer term be an increasing demand that cannot be met. This does not look so visible at present, as the depressed market has seen many millions of NZU held on the registry in various Holding Accounts, but over a short space of time, this supply will be used up, and the market could change significantly from a buyer's to a seller's market. As the government has restricted recently the ability of participants to use Kyoto units as compliance under the ETS, there is a view by government that in the near future those restrictions could be lifted. Much also depends upon whether a new global climate treaty is agreed among the worlds nations under the United Nations, as a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. New Zealand, along with a number of large emitting nations, including Japan, the US, Canada, and Russia, among others did not agree to ratify an extended term of the Kyoto Protocol instead waiting to see how a new climate agreement could be negotiated and agreed at the climate negotiations. See the section under News Articles for the submission.

Full submission can be found here

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April 2015 - CMS Office

April 2015 saw Carbon Market Solutions Ltd move into new premises at Achilles Rise in Hamilton. While the Auckland offices were central and handy to the corporate world, there was a disconnect between CMS and its forestry clients, other than large corporates who had CBD offices. Those clients had provided huge support to CMS operations, thus when the lease fell due in 2013, a decision was made to shift south to offices that were found in a central location close to all major centres in the North Island.

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March 2015 - CMS NZU Transactions

In the first quarter of each month since early in 2015 CMS has worked to complete NZU transactions between its forestry clients and large ETS participants with considerably larger obligations. With each successful transaction based upon the carbon market prices at that time CMS has been able to obtain preferential pricing, ie, above market rates for the NZU available for sale. To date over 400,000 NZU has been processed across the ETS registry.

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March 2015 - Voluntary market continues in a depressed compliance environment

With a depressed international and domestic compliance carbon market, there has been a little joy from an area where since 2004, CMS has been active, the voluntary market. Taking the opportunity to purchase Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) from some recognisable project developments, such as Meridian Energy’s White Hills Wind Farm and Christchurch City Council’s Burwood Landfill Gas Capture Project, CMS has been successful in trading these offsets both in New Zealand and Australia. While relatively small, a steady flow of offsets domestically has assisted CMS with meeting the demand from some of its corporate clients, some working under the Landcare Carbon Zero program. As a member of the Carbon Trade Exchange, CMS has also worked with the demand and supply of offsets in Australia, as well as sourcing international offsets from specific projects around the Asia-Pacific region.

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February 2015 - CMS holds Gold Standard carbon on the Markit Registry

As a member of the Markit Registry, CMS has been using the platform to trade and transact voluntary market offsets for its corporate clients. Recently CMS was also enabled to undertake transactions and trading on the Gold Standard Foundation Registry (GSF), a platform that is streamlined with the Markit Registry. With its own Gold Standard offsets registered on the platform, a number of sales have occurred on the GSF between corporate clients who have a preference for premium offsets (which often include community and social benefits) and CMS who can source cost effective offsets globally.

A recent sale with a New Zealand exporter outlined their preference to consider a purchase from a small scale Gold Standard project sourced in China, as that was a country to which it exports its products, particularly into the region where the offsets were sourced. Even though the Gold Standard marque has a premium cost above the regular standard of offset, the client was satisfied and agreeable to the Gold Standard units.

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