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Services offered include:

International Carbon Market Overview

CMS can undertake a carbon market overview for New Zealand companies that wish to understand in more detail the risks and opportunities related to buying and selling carbon credits internationally. The purpose of the carbon market overview is to inform and make available information which will assist companies in developing their carbon strategy and making an informed decision which will enable them to maximize the value from their potential carbon assets.

New Zealand Climate Change Policy Overview

New Zealand Government Climate Change policy has a major impact on the carbon strategy that a company chooses to follow. The decision to pursue a Domestic Emissions Trading scheme in New Zealand will present a whole range of new challenges and opportunities. CMS can assist companies in understanding how emerging New Zealand climate change policy will impact on their business and in providing information which will assist in determining the most appropriate strategy to undertake. The policy overview is linked into an assessment of the business risks and opportunities that your company will face as a result of the policy environment.

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