Carbon Market Solutions Ltd currently provides advisory services related to carbon market overviews and carbon strategies for companies and organizations in New Zealand and internationally. In addition, Carbon Market Solutions can assist organizations with both rapid carbon assessments and carbon assessments to help calculate their carbon footprint and help them with going carbon neutral. In addition, CMS can assist with carbon credit project development.

Carbon Market Solutions Ltd has extensive experience with developing carbon market overviews and carbon strategies for New Zealand companies and also internationally. Under the Kyoto Protocol (2008 – 2020), international carbon trading has been largely carried out via the clean development mechanism (CDM) and joint implementation (JI) mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. CMS has been involved in helping companies in New Zealand and internationally with developing CDM and JI projects and then with selling them in the international carbon markets. Under the Article 6 of the Paris Accord (2020 – onwards), international carbon trading is coming back and via a CMS Carbon Market Assessment, companies can explore how this will provide them with new business opportunities in the future as well as understand more clearly the risks. By undertaking a carbon strategies, companies can explore how they can monetize GHG emission reduction activities through carbon trading as well as increase their understanding of the risks and the financial cost associated with greenhouse gas emissions. A carbon market overview is a document which give A carbon strategy is a document which helps a company to develop a strategy to maximize value from carbon, while at the same time assessing risks and taking into account potential future liabilities.

Carbon Market Solutions also has experience with carbon credit project development. In the past, this has included CDM projects that produced certified emission reductions (CERs) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects that produce emission reduction units (ERUs). CMS has experience with the development of project documentation for landfill gas, wind, solar, biomass, and energy efficient lighting projects that generate carbon credits through both the CDM and JI mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. CMS have experience with preparing documentation and generating carbon credits under the VCS standard of the voluntary carbon market and in the past for the New Zealand Government’s Projects to Reduce Emissions (PRE) mechanism. CMS understands the full CDM project cycle from start to finish and can help project developer with the development of new projects that generate carbon credits in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets. Our experience spans from selection of the CDM methodology, to Project Design Document (PDD) development, to DNA approval, to validation by a Designated Operational Entity (DOE) to Executive Board registration, to monitoring, to verification and certification to CER issuance. The following table illustrates the CDM project cycle which typically takes about 2 years from start to finish. Under the Paris Accord, this approach is likely to be slightly different.

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