As a member of the Markit Registry, CMS has been using the platform to trade and transact voluntary market offsets for its corporate clients. Recently CMS was also enabled to undertake transactions and trading on the Gold Standard Foundation Registry (GSF), a platform that is streamlined with the Markit Registry. With its own Gold Standard offsets registered on the platform, a number of sales have occurred on the GSF between corporate clients who have a preference for premium offsets (which often include community and social benefits) and CMS who can source cost effective offsets globally.

A recent sale with a New Zealand exporter outlined their preference to consider a purchase from a small scale Gold Standard project sourced in China, as that was a country to which it exports its products, particularly into the region where the offsets were sourced. Even though the Gold Standard marque has a premium cost above the regular standard of offset, the client was satisfied and agreeable to the Gold Standard units.