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Carbon Market Solutions was established in 2003 as a New Zealand registered company by New Zealanders, with the aim to assist New Zealand companies transact in the international carbon market. CMS has been a pioneer in the development of the carbon market in New Zealand. CMS staff and consultants have decades of experience in working on climate change projects globally as advisors, as brokers, traders, and investors. The CMS founders have also been partners in carbon trading companies in London and Moscow, Carbon Capital Markets and C6 Capital. CMS staff and founders have extensive experience working in all regions of the world with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the joint implementation (JI) mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.

CMS has had as its main focus to assist New Zealand companies transact in the international carbon market. CMS successfully brokered three of the first four ever carbon credit deals from New Zealand under the joint implementation mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol from New Zealand to Europe and we brokered the world’s first international forestry AAU carbon credits deal from New Zealand to Norway in 2008 in what was the world’s largest ever forestry carbon transaction ever at the time.

In total, Carbon Market Solutions Ltd has sold over $100 million NZD of carbon credits internationally from New Zealand companies. In 2009, Carbon Market Solutions Ltd started assisting with carbon transactions also in New Zealand and we have since brokered over 4 million New Zealand Units (NZU) from forestry owners in New Zealand to companies participating in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).

CMS is also active in the voluntary market in New Zealand since 2007. We have assisted over 20 companies in New Zealand with going carbon neutral, in some cases assisting them with carbon assessments and with purchasing verified emission reductions (VERs) from both New Zealand voluntary market offset projects and from VER projects in the international carbon market. A list of the companies that we have worked with and more information can be found here. (brochure).

Carbon Market Solutions is also an investor in New Zealand forestry. In 2011, we invested in the Craigmore Forestry Fund in carbon forestry in New Zealand. This investment has yielded an additional return in addition to the returns from timber from the sale of NZUs (New Zealand Units).

Carbon Market Solutions currently has offices in Wellington, New Zealand. Click here for more information.


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