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Michael Devoe

Michael Devoe


Michael joined CMS in October 2019 to generate and develop new business ideas. Michael started his professional career as a geologist and later worked as a banker. He has worked in Indonesia, The Netherlands and Germany.

Michael graduated from the University of Auckland with a BSc and later from Nyenrode Business University with an MBA.

Michael speaks English, Dutch, German and Russian.

Contact Michael at michael@carbonmarketsolutions.com


Markus VenCatachellum

Markus VenCatachellum

Carbon Broker

Markus joined CMS in mid-2018 as a research analyst. His first assignment was to undertake a review of carbon trading schemes around the world. Within 3 months he became a carbon broker and now leads CMS efforts to sell VERs into the voluntary market in New Zealand.

He graduated from Victoria University in 2017 with a conjoin BA and BCOM, majoring in International Relations, Political Science, International Business and Public Policy.

Markus is based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Markus speaks English, German and some French.

Contact Markus at markus@carbonmarketsolutions.com




Junior Research Analyst

Alex is an eager and recent addition to the CMS team having joined in September 2019. Alex is working part-time, alongside his studies, for CMS as a junior research analyst. His interests include computing, business, and finance which he enjoys to read up on in his spare time.

Alex is based in Christchurch, New Zealand where he is studying for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at the University of Canterbury. Alex will graduate at the end of 2021.

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