CMS sells Gold Standard VERS to New Zealand Post.

CMS retires Gold Standard VERs to New Zealand Post to offset customer to customer sending associated with carbon-neutral person to person sending in FY22 as part of a three year contract to supply voluntary carbon...

CMS Takes Part in First NZ NZU Auction

In March 2021 CMS participated in the first NZ NZU auction, where the NZ Government released 4.75 units for sale. The auction was a success with strong uptake and all units were sold at clearing price of NZ$36/unit. There were 40 bidders of which 30, including CMS,...

CMS has a new office

CMS is pleased to announce that it has recently located to new offices at 169 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand. We look forward to meeting you there (after the quarantine) and discussing new business with you.

CMS receives 4th Craigmore Forestry Payout

CMS has received the fourth and almost final payout in the Craigmore Forestry sale of assets following on from our November 2011 investment in the Craigmore Forestry Fund. One more small final payment is expected in 2019.