State of the International Carbon Market

>In various countries around the world, carbon pricing is gaining momentum and the number of emissions trading systems around the world is increasing. Besides the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS), national or sub-national systems are already operating or under development in Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States. Whereas under the Kyoto Protocol (2008 – 2020) the international carbon market was mainly about the clean development mechanism (CDM) and joint implementation (JI) and import of carbon credits (CERs and ERUs) into the EU Emissions Trading scheme, the new markets that are emerging are somewhat different as different countries have developed and are developing their own emissions trading schemes, sometimes with linkages and sometimes without.

For the most detailed and up to date overview of the international carbon market, please read the State of the International Carbon Market report which can be found here.

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