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CMS has extensive experience in brokering all types of carbon credits both in New Zealand and internationally. We transacted our first international carbon credits deal (for emission reduction units – ERUS) in 2005 with Austria and we transacted out first international forestry carbon credits deal (for assigned amount units – AAUs) in 2009 with Norway. We have also extensive experience in brokering NZUs (New Zealand Units) to a wide variety of clients under the New Zealand emissions trading scheme. In addition, we have experience in transacting other types of carbon credits such certified emission reductions (CERs) under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol from renewable energy projects in various countries around the world. CMS also has extensive experience in transacting in the voluntary carbon market with verified emission reductions , in accordance with both the VCS – Voluntary Carbon Standard ( and the Gold Standard (

The full list of various types of carbon credits that CMS has experience in transacting includes:

AAUs – Assigned Amount Units

CERs – Certified Emission Reductions

EUAs – EU Allowances

ERUs – Emission Reduction Units

NZUs – New Zealand Units

VERs – Verified Emission Reductions

VCUs – Voluntary Carbon Units

Gold Standard VCUs – Gold Standard Voluntary Carbon Units

What are the advantages of transacting carbon credits with CMS? You get great prices on different types of carbon credits, clear contracts, fast execution and most of all you get experience. Our infrastructure and long-lasting banking relationships in New Zealand and internationally mean that you can get your cash or your carbon credits quickly and efficiently. In the voluntary market, working with CMS means there is no need for you to set up your own registry account for what is most likely just one transaction per year. CMS has our own registry account in the market environmental registry. We take care of the hassle and the bureaucracy for you so that you don’t have to open your own registry account.

Once new types of carbon credits are created under the Paris Accord, CMS will seek to gain early experience in transacting the new types of carbon credit units that will be created under the Paris Accord.

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