Carbon Assessments

Carbon Market Solutions Ltd assists companies with developing both rapid carbon assessments< and carbon assessments, whereby in accordance with the GHG Protocol developed by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, we help them to measure their carbon footprint. A rapid greenhouse gas assessment involves undertaking a quick assessment of the greenhouse gas inventory (GHG inventory) whereas a carbon assessment also includes a marginal abatement cost curve analysis which examines the various marginal abatement cost of various low carbon greenhouse gas abatement options. The purpose of such an analysis is to inform a company of the best least cost options for reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Many organizations also wish to undertake certification of their carbon footprint, which involves additional time and cost because the greenhouse gas inventory needs to be verified by a greenhouse gas auditor. CMS is not involved in certifying greenhouse gas inventories but for those companies who want to have their greenhouse gas inventory certified we can put them in touch with organizations who can perform this work, noting that there is additional time and cost involved with obtaining a certified greenhouse gas inventory.

Some people and organizations offset their entire carbon footprint while others aim to neutralize the impact of a specific activity, such as taking a flight. Whatever a company decides to go carbon neutral and when it has measured and assessed its carbon footprint and come up with a number that is robust and verified, CMS can also assist with selling voluntary emission reductions (VERs) from climate change mitigation projects in both New Zealand and internationally. This is called going ‘carbon neutral’. Since 2007, CMS has assisted over 20 different companies in New Zealand with going carbon neutral, including one airline which purchased the VERs to assist their customers with going carbon neutral.

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Why go Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral businesses are critical in the fight against climate change. Induced by human activity, climate change has devastating consequences for our planet.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means reducing emissions and compensating for the remainder by purchasing carbon credits to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

3 steps towards Carbon Neutrality:

  1. Measure emissions using an approved greenhouse gas emissions methodology
  2. Manage emissions by investing in low carbon technologies
  3. Mitigate your carbon footprint by buying VER credits to offset emissions

Let's Reduce Carbon Emissions Together

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